Townhouse Woods Saint Paul, Minnesota

These are some songs that I made. You can download them for free or donate if you want. Thanks for listenin'!

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Track Name: Ash Ketchum's Blues
He's back in Pallet Town with a busted heart drinking Old Milwaukee in a lonely hotel room
Eleven miles away the girl he loves is most likely occupying her time with another man

And he never needed
Nothin' as bad as he needed that girl
And now that he's become
Aware of her existence
Every new love is just a shadow of what he thought he could've had with her

They walked these same old streets on the day they met, what a glorious summer day that was
But now the city's cold because it's October and because there are no friendly faces around


The girl was unaware of his love for her because he lacked the confidence to say anything
And life just rolls along through the joy and the pain, through the happiness and through the suffering

Track Name: While You Sleep
I think back to that time in September in Colorado
It was midnight in downtown Denver, the city it glowed
How you kissed me so sweet and tender, and the world turned slow
That's a moment I'll always remember, I just want you to know

I think back to that time in Nebraska, driving all day
I rushed through my work so much faster so I could see your sweet face
Picnics and pine nuts and berries and sculptures with cars
Cornfields and cows and prairies, now memories of ours

But for now
I'll just dream
While you sleep
And wait for time
To kill the space
In between

I think back to that wonderful morning, we watched the sunrise
Later that day went exploring, with brand new eyes
Wondering about those who deserted this forsaken town
Something so very alluring in what's left around


I think back to that time we went camping way out in the hills
That look in your eyes so enchanting, it gave me the chills
That was the night we decided we'd give this a try
Even in a world divided, I know it was right

Track Name: Dreamsong
I had a dream I was a polar bear
Swimming through the cold
I had a dream I was a little kid
Who never would get old

I had a dream I was a mallard duck
Flyin' up above
I had a dream, I had a dream
That I won your love

I had a dream I was an old barn owl
Searchin' for my prey
I had a dream I was a buffalo
Roamin' across the plains


I had a dream that life was simple, man
Without a single care
I had a dream that I found happiness
But now I can't remember where


I had a dream I had a whaler's ship
To take me where I'm bound
I had a dream I had a stallion fair
That I could ride to town

Track Name: The Timbers
By the end of the year I'll be Denver bound
And lord, I cannot wait
I'm not meant to stay here, I could use a new start
And I hope it's not too late
I don't wanna waste these years of youth
And I got myself a plan that I believe to be bullet-proof
I don't wanna trade my soul for pay
All the cash I'll ever earn won't buy me back one single day
I will cut my ties
There'll be no more sighs
There'll be no more shaking my fist at the skies
I'm gonna finally make you mine

On the first day of spring, I'll be driving south
With not a worldly thing
I've been held up too long, oh I need to get out
And there's nothing here I'd bring
I just want to start anew
Yeah I got myself a settled mind and a bigger dream to pursue
I have finished writing up excuses
After burning all those pages
I am finally gonna do this
I will leave this town
I will ramble 'round
I may never ever settle down
You're gonna finally see me smile

Well a couple years back, thought I knew it all
And no one told me wrong
I was king of my world but I listened not
To the voice of the wind's song
'Cause there's a language that the world speaks to its patrons
And it tells us just where and when to go
So if we put our ears and hearts up to the wind
We will find all the answers in our souls
I may go east
I may go west
But I know I'll be walkin' on the trail
I'll meet you if the breeze takes me there
Track Name: One September Morning
One September morning
Colder than it should be
Autumn winds are a-blowing
I'm waiting so restlessly
Frost covers my windows
Pretty girl on my mind
I'll soon be with her, though
Only to tell her goodbye

One October morning
So long I've been so withdrawn
Here it's already snowing
Pack up my things and I'm gone
She is no longer with me
And I shall see her no more
Sorrow, it overtakes me
Reaches right down to the core

But when she was mine, the stars all shined brighter
And when she was mine, my worries weighed lighter
When she was mine, when she was mine
My world felt righter

One November morning
She wakes me up with her call
How could something so lovely
Turn out to be my downfall
Never did see it coming
She says she still cares for me
Right now all that I'm knowing
She wants me to set her free


One December morning
Twelve weeks since I last held her
To this love I'm still clinging
I just wish I could tell her
When I think of Wyoming
I cannot help but to cry
For the girl that I left there
And the way she changed my life


One September morning
Pretty girl on my mind
I'll soon be with her, though
Only to tell her goodbye
Track Name: Gold In These Hills
I'm in that first stage of love, I'm just beginning to fall
And I've been pacing 'round my house just waiting for her call
I can't eat nothin' cause my stomach is all tied up in knots
And it feels like insomnia's the only friend I've got

She's the kind of girl can make me wanna stick around
I've been taking for so long 'bout how I'm gonna blow this town
You know I started thinking about abandoning those plans
Right around the time she wrote her number on my hand
I found gold in these hills
Gold in these hills
I found gold in these hills

From the top of this hill I used to curse this city
But now standing here with her, I must admit it looks quite pretty
I've been spending all my days thinking of ways not to lose
That's until she came around throwing colors on my blues


So now I'm working on a plan to get her into my life
And I don't wanna screw this up but lord knows that I might
I'm gonna sing a hopeful song and sing it up to the sky
And when summer turns to fall I know I'll have that girl for mine

Track Name: Fading Charms
Had it been another time
If I was another guy
Scaling this crumbling wall
Too late now to hit the lights

Party full of wandering eyes
Bright red dress and jealous looks
She's the north star burning bright
You are just an envious matchbook

So take your fading charms
And your longing outstretched arms
I will have no part in this
When I leave tonight
I will know that I've done right
Staying just a number on your list

Subway rats feel right at home
Music rings within these walls
You know no one's there
But you call and call and call and call and call


Flip the tape, hit record
This resolve won't come apart
I know I won't fall
I won't let this city steal my heart

Track Name: Cavalier Sunrise
Sunrise over Cavalier
Beautiful this time of year
Healthy people making plans
On my way through Scottsbluff again

Just take a breath, and dear
Hold out for the real thing
That which will always be true
And if you need me here
Darling just say so
I will come runnin' to you
Runnin' to you

This is her and this is me
A poor depiction it may be
It's only her that holds the key
To let me live to set me free


But will we ever really know
Will a love be born and grow
Or will we continue to go
Oblivious through lives of woe?

Track Name: Send Me All Your Lovin'
Here, borrow my eyes
They'll show you just how beautiful you are
Here, borrow my heart
You'll see my love clearer than ever before
Sometimes I talk a lot
But don't say much at all
So I'll just keep this short--
I'll always be here for you when you call

Send me all your lovin'
And I'll send you all of mine
Send me all your lovin'
And I know we'll be just fine
Send me all your lovin'
And pull me through those lonely times

Life ain't always fair
Though I wish it were so
But when we look outside
We each see different cities
Out our windows
In my current state
The shortest distance is long
So I'll do what I can
To build myself a bridge
Made out of songs


With both our lives on hold
This wasn't the easy way out
And I have no regrets
I just need to rid myself of this doubt
'Cause worry is a curse
It's not a gift or a cure
So I'll just think on you
And your love so beautiful and pure


We got memories to make
Together, someday
We will see the world
But until then...
Track Name: In Your Pocket
Some days I'm up
And some days I'm down
Most days I'm cursing
This dirty old town
Wishing you hadn't
Gone left me here
I don't like this world
Without you my dear

It's cold and it's dark
And people are mean
And that's why I need you,
My little sunbeam
'Cause you make the world
All happy and bright
Your dear, sweet smile
Like a heavenly light

I know I'll see you
Again one fine day
The pain I feel now
Is the price I must pay
But I know you're worth it
And someday we'll be
Always together
Happy & free

For now, dear, just keep
My heart in your pocket
When loneliness comes
My love, it'll block it
And when the road gets rough
Just keep travelin' on through
Hold fast, and remember
I'll always love you