How To Fix Everything

by Townhouse Woods

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released September 21, 2014

Album Credits:

"Thief In The Night" and "Old Number Fifteen / Home To You Interlude" written by FP Woods and Lauren Piper
"Andy" written by Pierre Tadwell and FP Woods
All other songs written by FP Woods

"Golden Hair" recorded and produced by Travis Nordahl
"Deerfield Lake" recorded and produced by Adash Daniel
All other songs recorded and produced by Bruce Hettinga.

Cover photo by Caitlin Spates

Font by Skyhaven Fonts




Townhouse Woods Saint Paul, Minnesota

These are some songs that I made. You can download them for free or donate if you want. Thanks for listenin'!

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Track Name: Thief In The Night
Thief in the night
Came and robbed me blind
Quiet like a mouse
Now I'm cleaning up the footprints that he left walking through my house

Girl chasing stars
She's traveled far
Tell me, does she know
That the brightest one up there will always refuse to glow?

In the morning you might not find what you dream
Sometimes in life what you want ain't what you need
So whatever it may bring I will welcome everything
Tomorrow sounds pretty good to me

Mr. Postman, please
Bring good news to me
I've been waiting long
Now I'm finally in a place where I think I truly belong
Track Name: Old Number Fifteen / Home To You Interlude
Old number fifteen, please get here on time
'Cause I got a woman who says that she's mine
And my feet are so tired from walking
I've got a worried mind
Please number fifteen be on time

I don't know how I got here but I think I'll stay
The demons that chased me here have gone away
I ain't gonna change at all no matter what you say
Don't know how I got here but I'll stay

I know what I want, there's no use in waiting
Freedom's only choice if there's one you're making
I've seen what I needed to see
I'm coming home to you
Tell me what you've been thinking since I've been away
Every minute you've been in it, every second of the day
And in just one more night I'll be right by your side if I can only catch a ride

Don't need this collection of maps anymore
They've led me away from what I'm looking for
And all I really need is directions to your door
I don't need these maps anymore
Track Name: Cricket Hymn, Pt. I
I don't mean to drag you down
I'm just trying to figure out what this life's about
All the words I ever wrote
Are to try and lose these worries and to find a little hope

But the wind will tuck me in
As the crickets sing their hymns
And the trees will be my shelter
See the moon shine through their limbs
There were things I once adored
But nothing moves me anymore
Now the top of this here mountain
Feels just like the ocean floor

Running from familiar fears
Screaming so loud that I'm hurting my own ears
Kings and fools will take their turn
Love is one big fire and you know everyone must burn

The water just reflects the sky
And right now its dull grey color's weighing heavy on my mind
How this crumbles in my hands
Just watch it fall apart and know I've done all I can
Track Name: Golden Hair
I am counting the minutes 'til we can breathe the same air
You deserve every pretty word I can find to share
Some golden hair and two laughing eyes
And it's with you that my happiness lies
I only called to say "I love you"
That's all

I projected my dreams onto the blank spots of you
Now I find that you're better than what I first hoped was true
That golden hair, well it sure caught my eye
And I would say I was pretty surprised
At how good everything turned out

The sun, it kindly instructs the clouds to stay clear of its path
To us as you come over to my side and it all comes back
That golden hair is a sight for sore eyes
Just as sure as the sun's gonna rise
I'll always try to lighten up your dark

We'll make a list of all the places
That we've always longed to see
And when we've seen them all
We'll just add some more

When you move my world freezes and everything is still
Now you've got me waiting here hopefully by my windowsill
That golden hair and two laughing eyes
And it's with you that my happiness lies
So come back, my love, please come home
Track Name: Andy
The way things are going well it makes you kinda wonder
'Cause things won't get better 'til we're six feet under
Bad news around every bend
The dregs, the dross, the damage has been done
But the long road keeps on going
The mass, so crass and without shame
The vile keeps on growing

But Andy, oh Andy, you knew how to live
Your life wasn't based on take but on give
Andy, oh Andy, if you could only show us
We've lost our way, you wouldn't even know us

Counting on neighbors, counting on strangers
Having faith in your fellow man
Today that would only bring a person danger
Gotta protect yourself as best as you can
Yeah these days if you tried living like you did, oh the things that people would say
They'd probably wrap you all in white, put you in a cell
And you'd find yourself gone, locked away

You helped everyone no matter who was involved
And when it came to your values, you wouldn’t budge
Never giving up until all was resolved
You didn't belittle, condemn, or judge
Now some folks will say that you're just fiction and that's all
Words were written down for you to read
But you were the one who taught us how to stand tall
You're still a goal for us to achieve
Track Name: Deerfield Lake
Flash floods and forest fires
Your eyes in the rear view mirror
Raven on a lonely wire
Your eyes in the rear view mirror
She slides side to side
She don't even know she can fly

New in town without a friend
Starlight in your hair
Just around the river bend
Starlight in your hair
No place I'd rather be
At the heart of these Black Hills just you and me

Joy has now turned to fright
Leave the light on for me
In my heart I know it's right
So leave the light on for me
True things never die
But fade as the years pass them by
Track Name: Release You
If the love I have to give
Is not as much as you require
If everything I am is less
Than you desire
Oh, I shall release you

If I just add to your worries
And I cannot do you right
If I keep causing all these
Stupid fights
Oh, I shall release you

I shall release you
I shall release you
Ever reluctantly I shall release you

If I'm stealing all your youth
And we start to grow apart
If my shortfalls are too much
For your troubled heart
Oh, I shall release you

If another's arms can bring
Greater joy than e'er could mine
If after all I'm not what you
Hoped to find
Oh, I shall release you
Track Name: Stupid Hope
Been drinking too much whiskey
I don't sleep through the night these days
And I curse the world at every given chance
Lessons I've been learning
As my knees give way beneath me
I'd get up if I could but I just can't
All my former vices
And a few I've just adopted
What's the use of fighting all them now?
If I can't be the person
That you always wanna be with
What's it even matter anyhow?
And the sad reality
Is now I swim just not to drown

"The nights are so much longer"
"I see you when I close my eyes"
See lately, I'm just speaking in clichés
To relive one "I love you"
To wake up one more time with you
I would trade a thousand future days
Moments shared together
Moments I hold dearly now
That no one else will ever get to see
But now you're still and silent
And you won't say those words again
At least I know you won't say them to me
And the real tragedy
Is you were the best I'll ever see

I boxed up all your letters
And every piece of you that's left
I burned them in a fire, I had no choice
Every street of this town
The fig trees and the Pop Shops
They tease me and they taunt me with your voice
I don't know about forever
But I can say with certainty
That I'll be here in case you change your mind
Somehow through this darkness
Through this soul-sucking sadness
A stupid piece of hope says we'll be fine
Why can't I shut it up?
'Cause I know it only lies